So um … this was supposed to be my Halloween costume. But hey, it’s finished now. I talked about it a bit earlier, but here’s the description I put with the pic on my deviantart.

Sarene, from the book Elantris, by Brandon Sanderson. The Elantrians are sort of zombie-like, and they’re sent into Elantris with only burial shrouds to wear. Sarene, for her act of charity, donates all sorts of supplies to the city, including fabric, except she’s annoyed at their current leader so she gives them fabric in annoyingly bright colors. Only when Sarene arrives in Elantris herself she finds that they have done awesome stuff with it anyway because they are fabulous.

In the book she was described as wearing a blue skirt, red blouse, and orange headscarf, and she thought she looked like an insane rainbow. I decided that three solid colors were not insane enough so I played around with patchwork.

The makeup–the Elantrians are basically undead, at least in the course of the novel (the magic went wrong–they’re supposed to be, er, more sparkly). But they’re not walking rotting corpses like your traditional zombies. They’re described as having skin that’s turned grey, with dark blotches. I added a few dark-willow-esque veins around the edge of the face because I think that’s a cool effect, unfortunately it seems that I didn’t put enough contrast into the makeup for it to look good on camera. Ah well, next time.

Oh, and I won first prize in ShadowCon’s costume contest!

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